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mapei grout drying patchy

Discussion in 'Tiling Materials Forum' started by garythetiler, Mar 7, 2014.

  1. garythetiler

    garythetiler Well-Known Member

    doing a job at the moment using grey polished porcelain tiles the designer asked me to do a sample board to try and colour match the tile to the grout , I cut down some off cuts into 150 squares and stuck them on a piece of warm up board for the grout samples I used 3 different mapei ultra colour grouts ,manhattan, cement grey and medium grey and tile master grout 3000 light grey , the tiles were fixed with tilemaster ultimate grey , the mapei grouts have all dried patchy i raked them out and redid them and still the same result I am a bit puzzled that all 3 were affected , i may have to mix the mid grey tile master and the light grey to get a good colour match as this was the only grout that didnt go patchy
  3. Pro-Tilers

    Pro-Tilers Admin Administrator

    I would advise you not to do that Gary for obvious reasons....
    to avoid problems with Mapei grouts I find that if you "shake" the bags up prior to opening them helps alot.......(we all think we do it properly, but we don't generally!)
    as for mixing colours together I have found that this is fine in a small area if you mix loads more than you need to do the job and keep the quantities even.....I.e 5kg light and 5kg mid etc......(dry).......then add water!

    if you are having problems with the mapei grouts I would just ask the client to pick between the two grout 3000 samples........job done and no headache?
    I know you want to get the grout colour closer but you could end up making it REALLY patchy buy tring to mix your own up!...

    all the best.....hope you, brian and luke are well...

  4. Pro-Tilers

    Pro-Tilers Admin Administrator

    My grout of choice is Mapei ultracolour.........closely followed by Tilemaster grout 3000.......
    but I must admit I treat bags of grout like cans of spray paint......5 mins of rigorous shaking........

  5. Tiled to Perfection

    Tiled to Perfection New Member

    Going of ultra colour myself the now. Find it getting harder to work with all the time like Lee. Will try what your doing Dave.
  6. Pro-Tilers

    Pro-Tilers Admin Administrator

    Hell yeah..........
    Dave likes this.
  7. ray

    ray Active Member

    try washing off with warm gives even drying time
  8. Spot on Dave .....
  9. I think you have worked it out Dave, as we use a lot of coloured grouts now in pools and we always scrub -over with white pads first then a wash, then a last wash ,usually does the trick :)
  10. Pro-Tilers

    Pro-Tilers Admin Administrator

    I have to admit that I am a big fan of Ultracolour..... over the years I have got use to it....(we all get used to stuff right?)
    because it sets so fast I tend to do one or two areas at a time.....and clean up (depending on the type of job naturally!)....

    personally, it is still my grout of choice.....but opinions are like *********........everyone has one!

    all the best